Dalmore Aged 15 years Whiskey


The saying ‘fortune favours the brave’ has never been truer than for Colin of Kintail. As a sign of gratitude for saving his life, King Alexander III awarded him the lands of Eilean Donan and the motto ‘Lucco Non Uro’ which translates to ‘I Shine, Not Burn’. But most importantly Colin of Kintail & his Mackenzie Clan were given the right to bear a 12 pointed Royal Stag as their crest.


In 1867 Andrew and Charles Mackenzie became the new owners of The Dalmore distillery, bringing with them not only  the iconic 12 pointed Royal Stag emblem, which has adorned every bottle of The Dalmore since, but also a formidable desire for success. Their passion for recreating an even better whisky would fuel a whole new era for The Dalmore.


For over 150 years, The Dalmore has set the standard in multitask maturation. Hand selected casks from the worlds finest bodegas and wineries are expertly curated to create a sumptuous and layered whisky of legendary finesse.


Introducing the distinguished “Dalmore Aged 15 Years Whisky” – a masterpiece that embodies the essence of luxury, refinement, and the centuries-old tradition of the esteemed Dalmore distillery, renowned for crafting exceptional single malt whisky since 1839.

As you uncork the bottle, a captivating aroma of oranges, dark chocolate, and warm spices fills the air, setting the stage for a remarkable whisky experience that awaits.

Upon tasting, the Dalmore Aged 15 Years Whisky delights the palate with its rich and complex flavor profile. Decadent notes of toffee, coffee, and a touch of cinnamon intermingle with hints of dried fruits and a subtle nuttiness, creating a symphony of indulgence that evolves with each sip.

About Dalmore Aged 15 years Whiskey

The whisky’s velvety texture glides effortlessly on your tongue, delivering a refined and gratifying mouthfeel. As you savor each sip, the warmth of the whisky’s finish envelopes your senses, leaving a delightful aftertaste that invites you to relish the depth of this exceptional spirit.

Matured for 15 years in hand-selected oak casks, the Dalmore Aged 15 Years Whisky is a testament to craftsmanship and dedication. The careful aging process imparts a complexity and richness that can only be achieved through time and meticulous care.

This exceptional whisky is perfect for savoring on its own, sipped slowly to fully appreciate its complexity, or paired with fine chocolates and desserts for a decadent tasting experience.

Packaged in an elegant bottle, adorned with the Dalmore label, this whisky is not only a pleasure to the palate but also a visual statement of prestige and sophistication, making it an excellent addition to any whisky connoisseur’s collection or a thoughtful gift choice for those who appreciate the finest in life.

Key features:

  1. Crafted by the esteemed Dalmore distillery, with a legacy of excellence since 1839.
  2. Matured for 15 years in hand-selected oak casks for exceptional richness and complexity.
  3. Aromatic bouquet of oranges, dark chocolate, and warm spices.
  4. Rich flavor profile with notes of toffee, coffee, cinnamon, dried fruits, and nuttiness.
  5. Velvety texture for a refined and gratifying mouthfeel.
  6. Warm and lingering finish, leaving a delightful aftertaste.
  7. Ideal for savoring on its own or paired with fine chocolates and desserts.

Embrace the spirit of luxury and refinement with “Dalmore Aged 15 Years Whisky” and experience the elegance and depth of this exceptional spirit. Whether you’re enjoying moments of quiet contemplation or celebrating life’s cherished moments, this exquisite whisky promises an unforgettable journey of taste and sophistication. Cheers to the art of whisky-making and the allure of aged perfection!

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