An Ultimate Guide to Use A Cigar Humidor 

A cigar humidor is a special box that keeps cigars fresh and flavorful. Without one, your cigars could dry out, burn too fast, lose their rich flavours, and harm the quality of the tobacco. Imagine spending on a premium smoke only to have it lose its freshness. A humidor is a must-have investment if you want your smoking experience to be free of uneven burns, unwanted scents, and moisture issues.

How does it work?

It’s all about controlling humidity. Here’s how it works: Cigars need a certain amount of moisture to stay in top shape. Too dry, and they become brittle; too moist, and they can grow mould. A humidor keeps that balance just right. Inside, there’s a device that adds or removes moisture as needed. All you have to do is put your cigars in, make sure the humidor’s humidifier is filled with water or a special solution, and voila! Your cigars will stay perfect and ready to enjoy whenever you want.

3 Basic Types of Humidors 

Single Chamber Humidor

The classic single-chamber cigar humidor is a simple and timeless choice. While it may look like something out of a Hollywood movie, these humidors are effective at preserving cigars when properly seasoned. They’re typically made of wood or heavy acrylic, are space-efficient, and have a single access point with a hinged lid. Holding around 25-30 cigars, many of these humidors come with built-in space-saving features, like storage for humidification devices and hygrometers on the lid. It’s a classic and reliable way to store your cigars.

Glass Top Humidors:

Glass top humidors are the epitome of luxury in the cigar world. They’re not only visually stunning but also practical. These humidors have a transparent lid, usually made of durable tempered glass (or sometimes acrylic or crystal), allowing you to admire your cigars.

Beyond their beauty, glass top humidors serve a functional purpose. The added weight of the glass lid (except for acrylic) ensures a tight seal when closed. Most of these humidors use Spanish cedar for the seal and internal walls, which is a traditional choice for maintaining the ideal cigar storage conditions.

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    Pocket Humidor:

    A pocket humidor is a compact, portable cigar storage solution designed for cigar enthusiasts on the move. It conveniently slips into your pocket, allowing you to prepare for an evening or special occasion with ease. While typically small and intended for short-term storage, pocket humidors often lack humidification devices or hygrometers. 

    Traditionally crafted from leather, contemporary versions prioritise durability and weight reduction with materials like  or plastic. These humidors are available in various sizes, accommodating a single cigar or a small collection. Choosing the right size is crucial to safeguard your cigars and ensure practicality for your specific smoking plans.

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    9 Easy Steps To Set Up Humidors: 

    1. Submerge the humidifier in distilled water for 3 minutes.
    2. Wipe off excess water from the humidifier.
    3. Line the humidor’s bottom with a plastic bag.
    4. Dampen a sponge with distilled water.
    5. Place the damp sponge on the plastic bag.
    6. Put a hygrometer inside and the humidifier in the lid.
    7. Close the humidor for 12-24 hours.
    8. Ensure humidity is 65%-75% and adjust if needed.
    9. Store your cigars inside once the humidity is right.


    In Conclusion, humidors are the best way to store your cigars for some time. It will help your cigars to stay safe for long use. It provides them with good temperature and humid conditions that are best for cigars. We at City of London Cigars will provide you with the best cigars and their accessories. Contact us for the best kept cigars.


    What is the ideal humidity level for a cigar humidor?

    The ideal humidity level for a cigar humidor is around 65-70% relative humidity. This is the perfect condition for a cigar.

    Do I need a separate humidor for different cigar types or brands?

    It is not necessary to keep different humidors for different cigars. It helps maintain the unique flavors and aromas of each if you want to keep them separate. 

    Can I store other items in my cigar humidor?

    No, it is not recommended to store anything in cigar humidors except cigars. The cedar lining and the humidity levels are specifically designed for cigar storage and can be affected by other items.

    How long can I store cigars in a humidor?

    A good quality humidor can store cigars for several years. It depends on the cigar type. Some cigars improve with age, while others are best enjoyed relatively fresh.

    Can I travel with a cigar humidor?

    Yes, there are several special travel humidors available. These portable humidors come in various sizes and are a great option for cigar lovers.

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