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Find the Best Cigar Bars in the UK

As cigars continue to grow in popularity in Britain, so too does the number of venues catering to aficionados. While pubs have long allowed cigars, there is something special about establishments focused solely on the art of smoking fine cigars. From classic gentleman’s clubs in London with hand-rolled Cuban cigars to modern lounges equipped with state-of-the-art ventilation systems in Manchester and Edinburgh, the UK boasts some fantastic cigar bars well worth visiting. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some of the top cigar bars and lounges across Britain that you should add to your itinerary.

City of London Cigars

London has no shortage of options when it comes to enjoying a fine cigar in an upscale setting. Many of the world’s most exclusive cigar importers and tobacconists have private members’ lounges attached where you can sample rare, aged offerings in comfortable leather armchairs. These include Davidoff of London in Mayfair as well as James J. Fox in St James.

In recent years, more modern cigar lounges have also opened for patrons looking for a relaxed place to enjoy a smoke without strict dress codes or fees. Top picks for the best cigar bars in the UK include City of London Cigar because of it’s best products. There’s also Club Gascon’s Cigar Room, where you can order small plates and savor Cuban cigars late into the night.

Manchester & Edinburgh’s Tobacco Lounges

Beyond London, Manchester and Edinburgh are home to several state-of-the-art cigar lounges using advanced systems to keep the air fresh. Manchester Cigar Club has a walk-in humidor stocking over 100 top brands to enjoy in leather club chairs or at the central bar. They frequently host tasting events and rollings as well.

In Edinburgh, Bothwell Street Cigar Club is spread over two floors, with a Dom Perignon champagne bar alongside member storage lockers. And the city’s oldest club,edirnch Liberal Club on Edinburgh’s George Street combines Victorian architecture with a well-ventilated smoking lounge hosting members-only nights.

Liverpool & Glasgow Hot Spots

Liverpool is home to Provincial Cigar Company, both a store and lounge offering premium sticks from Cuba and Central America’s finest growers. The lounge area features artwork, books, and comfortable seating perfect for smoking and conversing. Tastings and rolling demonstrations also frequently take place. For a modern take coupled with whisky and food pairings, Scottish cigar company Bon Vivant recently opened their flagship cigar cellar bar in Glasgow called Fifty-One. The venue offers both reservable lockers and leather armchairs and sofas around a central bar manned by expert bartenders concocting bespoke cigar and whisky pairings.

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What Makes City of London Cigars The Best Cigar Bars in the UK?

From exclusive brands to quality delivery services, City of London Cigar shares certain qualities that make them appealing destinations:

Curated Humidors:

Unlike other venues permitting smoking, these specialized bars meticulously store and care for their cigar collections in state-of-the-art humidors. Stores like JJ Fox have aging rooms containing cigars over 130 years old! You’re guaranteed to find vintage, rare offerings you won’t get elsewhere.

Expert Staff:

Employing a range of specialists from cigar sommeliers to ventilation engineers, British cigar bars excel at storage, preparing, and servicing premium cigars. The staff frequently makes personal recommendations based on your palette.

Events & Entertainment:

Regular tastings, brand launches, rolling demonstrations, and more make cigar bars engaging, and educational places to mingle. Many also have games, live music nights, whisky tastings, and other happenings.

Bespoke Drinks Pairings:

Like a fine wine or whisky, premium cigars complement certain beverages. British bars emphasize unique pairings, with extensive wine, whisky, rum, and other lists tailored to match their cigars.

Relaxed Luxury:

Upscale furniture and fine drinks create an indulgent environment without excessive formality at most venues. It removes the intimidation factor, perfect for both novice and veteran smokers.

Cigar bars ranging from private member havens to laid-back lounges can now be found across most major UK cities. Offering well-kept premium cigars, knowledgeable staff, and bespoke entertainment options, they make for great nights out discovering top Cuban and international tobacco varieties. Already boasting a tradition of gentlemen’s clubs centered around cigars, expect the UK’s cigar bar scene to continue expanding as smoking spaces diminish and consumer interest grows. Every fan should visit at least a few while traveling Britain.

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Are cigar bars legal in the UK?

Yes, cigar bars are legal in the UK. However, they must adhere to strict regulations regarding smoking indoors, including proper ventilation and age restrictions.

Do I need to be a member to enter a cigar bar in the UK?

It depends on the specific cigar bar. Some establishments require membership for entry, while others are open to the public. It’s advisable to check with the individual cigar bar beforehand.

Can I bring my cigars to a cigar bar in the UK?

Again, policies may vary among different establishments. Some cigar bars allow patrons to bring their cigars, while others may have restrictions or corkage fees. It’s best to inquire about their policies in advance.

Do cigar bars in the UK serve alcohol?

Yes, many cigar bars in the UK offer a selection of alcoholic beverages to accompany your cigar experience. However, licensing laws and regulations regarding alcohol service apply, so hours of operation may vary.

Are there any dress codes for cigar bars in the UK?

Some cigar bars may have specific dress codes, especially if they cater to a more upscale clientele. It’s a good idea to dress smartly and inquire about any dress requirements when making a reservation or planning to visit.

FAQs for Cigar Bars in the UK

What is a cigar bar, and how does it differ from other establishments?

A cigar bar is a specialized venue where patrons can enjoy premium cigars in a relaxed and often upscale environment. Unlike regular bars, cigar bars typically offer a wide selection of cigars for purchase and provide comfortable seating conducive to enjoying cigars.

Are there any legal restrictions on smoking cigars in UK cigar bars?

Yes, there are legal restrictions on smoking in public places in the UK, including cigar bars. However, some cigar bars have designated smoking areas where patrons can legally enjoy cigars indoors. It’s essential to check with individual establishments regarding their smoking policies.

Do I need to be a cigar aficionado to visit a cigar bar?

Not at all! While cigar bars cater to enthusiasts, they are also welcoming to newcomers who are interested in exploring the world of cigars. Knowledgeable staff at cigar bars are often happy to provide guidance on selecting cigars based on your preferences and experience level.

Can I purchase cigars at a cigar bar, or do I need to bring my own?

Many cigar bars offer a curated selection of cigars available for purchase on-site. This allows patrons to explore different brands and varieties without needing to bring their own. Additionally, some cigar bars may permit patrons to bring their own cigars, but it’s best to confirm this policy beforehand.

Are cigar bars only for smoking, or do they offer other amenities?

While the primary focus of cigar bars is on providing a space for enjoying cigars, many establishments also offer a range of amenities to enhance the experience. This may include a selection of fine spirits, comfortable seating areas, televisions for entertainment, and sometimes even live music or events.

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