Davidoff Demi Tasse Cigar – Pack of 10


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Davidoff Demi-Tasse is a premium cigarillo produced by the renowned cigar brand Davidoff, based in the Dominican Republic. The cigarillo is part of the Davidoff Demi-Tasse line, which also includes the Demi-Tasse 5’s and the Demi-Tasse 50’s.

The Demi-Tasse cigarillos are made with high-quality tobacco sourced from the Dominican Republic and Indonesia. They are wrapped in a smooth and flavorful Sumatran wrapper that is known for its rich and aromatic flavor profile.

The Demi-Tasse cigarillos are small in size, with a length of 3.5 inches and a ring gauge of 26. They are perfect for a quick smoke, allowing you to enjoy the rich flavors of a premium cigar in a shorter amount of time. The 10’s packaging contains ten cigarillos, making it convenient to carry in your pocket or bag for an on-the-go smoking experience.

The Davidoff Demi-Tasse cigarillos are known for their smooth and creamy smoke with notes of coffee, cedar, and a hint of sweetness. They are a great choice for those who want to enjoy the premium smoking experience of a Davidoff cigar but in a smaller, more compact size. The Demi-Tasse 10’s packaging also makes it a great gift option for any cigar lover who enjoys high-quality cigarillos.

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