Montecristo Open Regeta

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When released this was a completely new figurado shape made in the image of the famous No.2, but shorter and thinner. All the smoking characteristics of its big brother are preserved in a lighter-flavoured, less time-demanding size.

General description of the Taste Notes:

This cigar offers an experience with prominent woody notes that impart a warm and earthy character. The salted undertones add a savoury complexity, complementing the overall profile. A touch of honey sweetness provides a subtle and lingering sweetness. Additionally, floral notes contribute a delicate and aromatic dimension, creating a well-rounded and enjoyable flavour profile. Please note that personal taste preferences may differ from those described here. Strength: 3/5

Length: 5 ⅜ ”

Ring Gauge: 46 ”

Smoke time: 30 mins

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Single Stick, Box of 20


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