Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill Tubos

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With a name like this, it is no surprise that many see this as a prime example of the modern trend toward wider ring gauge cigars. One of four Romeo Y Julietas to bear the famous Churchill name this is, naturally, the one with the heaviest ring gauge.

General description of the Taste Notes:

This cigar delivers a balanced and dynamic flavour profile. The lively kick of spice is complemented by refreshing fruity notes, while the rich character of leather adds depth to the overall taste. Combining bold and nuanced flavours creates an intriguing and satisfying smoking experience.
Please note that personal taste preferences may differ from those described here.

Strength: 3/5
Length: 5 ¼ ”
Ring Gauge: 55 ”
Smoke time: 60 mins

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Single Stick, Pack of 3


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