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Special Evening: Our Private Cigar Sampling Event

We are excited to take you with us on the journey to our most recent private cigar sampling event held in one of the most historic places in London City! So sit back with a cigar and savour the experience for the next few minutes. The awaited moment has come when you get a sneak peek of our events. The cigar sampling event was held at the Bleeding Hearts Restaurant with 15 special attendees, including our team, around Christmas 2023!

Setting the Scene

Dimmed lights, plush seating, and the unmistakable aroma of premium cigars set the stage for an exceptional night. This event wasn’t just about smoking cigars; it was a celebration of craftsmanship and an opportunity for like-minded individuals to share in the camaraderie of their passion.

The evening kicked off with a brief introduction to the history and art of cigar making, delivered by our seasoned experts. Guests were taken on a journey through the rich heritage of cigars, from the cultivation of tobacco leaves to the meticulous process of rolling and ageing. The presentation not only served as an educational experience but also set the stage for the connoisseurs and beginners to appreciate the nuances of the cigars they were about to enjoy.

Sensory Symphony: A Gradual Progression of Flavors

Each cigar was thoughtfully paired with a complementary beverage – with various available options, including a spiced rum and a velvety red wine – enhancing the overall sensory experience.

Many attendees decided to dip their cigars in rum before lighting up, to elevate their smoking experience! Moreover, our team provided an in-depth explanation of the unique characteristics of each cigar, the regions they hailed from, and the stories behind their creation. This interactive element not only enriched the experience but also allowed participants to connect on a personal level with the makers of these exquisite cigars.

The Grand Finale: Memories of Opulence

The Private Sampling Cigar Event in London was not merely about smoking cigars; it was an immersive journey into a world where history and passion converged. It provided a rare opportunity for attendees to expand their knowledge, refine their palates, and forge connections with fellow enthusiasts who shared a profound appreciation for the art of cigar smoking.

In the heart of London, where tradition meets modernity, this exclusive event had woven another chapter into the tapestry of the city’s rich cultural experiences.

We are truly thankful to the Bleeding Heart Team for their warm hosting and friendly interaction with the City of London Cigars Team. It was an evening to remember and cherish. 

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