Top 4 Cigars to Light Up Your St. Patrick’s Day

As the Emerald Isle’s beloved St. Patrick’s Day approaches, cigar enthusiasts in the UK have a unique opportunity to embrace the festive spirit with a selection of Irish-inspired smokes. From limited editions to blends crafted with the luck of the Irish, these top 4 St. Patrick’s Day cigars are sure to elevate your celebrations to new heights.

Andalusian Bull

The Andalusian Bull is not just a mere cigar; it’s an emblem of excellence, a masterpiece in the world of premium cigars. Born from the visionary minds and skilled hands of the artisans at La Flor Dominicana, this cigar is a testament to the heights of craftsmanship and innovation in the industry.

    Named after the famed Spanish fighting bull breed known for its strength and agility, the Andalusian Bull cigar boasts a unique shape, inspired by the contours of the bull’s muscular physique. Its striking box-pressed format and tapered head demand attention, setting it apart as a true work of art.

    But it’s not just the appearance that makes the Andalusian Bull exceptional. This cigar delivers an unforgettable smoking experience, thanks to its meticulously crafted blend of aged Dominican tobaccos. From the first draw to the last, fans are treated to a symphony of flavours, ranging from notes of cedar and leather to hints of pepper and dark chocolate, all harmonizing in perfect balance.

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    Plasencia Alma Fuerte Sixto 1

    Plasencia Alma Fuerte is not merely a cigar; it’s an embodiment of passion, heritage, and the pursuit of excellence. Crafted by the esteemed Plasencia family, whose tobacco legacy spans over a century, Alma Fuerte represents the culmination of generations of expertise and dedication.

      This exceptional cigar is meticulously constructed using the finest aged Nicaraguan tobaccos, sourced from the family’s renowned fields in Jalapa, Condega, and Estelí. Each leaf is carefully selected and expertly blended to create a harmonious symphony of flavours that captivate the senses from the first draw to the last.

      With its robust and complex profile, Alma Fuerte offers aficionados a truly unforgettable smoking experience. Notes of dark chocolate, espresso, and spice dance on the palate, complemented by hints of earth and cedar, creating a journey of indulgence and refinement.

      But Alma Fuerte is more than just a cigar; it’s a testament to the Plasencia family’s unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship. From its flawless construction to its impeccable burn, every aspect of Alma Fuerte speaks to the family’s dedication to producing the finest cigars in the world. Whether enjoyed alone or shared among friends, Plasencia Alma Fuerte is a celebration of tradition, passion, and the enduring pursuit of perfection.

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      Asylum 13 Orge

      Asylum 13 Orge stands as a testament to boldness and innovation in the world of premium cigars. Crafted by Asylum Cigars, renowned for pushing the boundaries of traditional blending, the Orge variant offers a unique and exhilarating smoking experience.

        Named after the mythical creature, the Orge cigar commands attention with its imposing size and robust flavors. This oversized cigar features a hefty ring gauge and a formidable length, ensuring an extended journey of indulgence for aficionados seeking intense, full-bodied flavors.

        At the core of the Asylum 13 Orge lies a meticulously curated blend of premium Nicaraguan tobaccos, aged to perfection to unleash their full potential. This blend delivers a powerful yet well-balanced profile, characterized by notes of rich espresso, dark chocolate, and black pepper, complemented by hints of earth and leather.

        With its imposing appearance and bold flavor profile, the Asylum 13 Orge is not for the faint of heart. It appeals to aficionados who crave intensity and complexity in their smoking experience, offering a journey of indulgence that commands attention from start to finish.

        Whether savored alone as a moment of contemplation or shared among friends in celebration, the Asylum 13 Orge promises an unforgettable smoking experience that leaves a lasting impression on even the most discerning cigar enthusiasts.

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        Trinidad Colonials

        Introducing the Trinidad Colonials cigar, an embodiment of luxury and tradition meticulously crafted for the discerning aficionado. This exquisite cigar pays homage to the rich heritage of Trinidad, a renowned name in the world of premium tobacco.

          Handcrafted by skilled artisans in the heart of the Caribbean, each Trinidad Colonials cigar is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, meticulously rolled to perfection using only the finest aged tobaccos. The blend is a harmonious symphony of flavors, carefully curated to deliver a sublime smoking experience that captivates the senses.

          From the moment you ignite the foot of the cigar, you are enveloped in a medley of complex flavors that unfold with every draw. Notes of cedar, spice, and leather dance gracefully on the palate, accompanied by a subtle sweetness that lingers on the finish.

          The Trinidad Colonials cigar is more than just a smoke; it is a journey of indulgence, a ritual to be savored and cherished. Whether enjoyed in solitude or among esteemed company, it elevates every moment into a celebration of luxury and refinement.

          No matter your preference, these top 4 St. Patrick’s Day cigars available in the UK are sure to add a touch of Irish charm and indulgence to your celebrations. Whether you’re enjoying them in the company of friends or savoring them in solitude, each cigar promises a unique and memorable smoking experience that captures the spirit of the Emerald Isle. So light up, kick back, and let the rich flavors transport you to the heart of Irish culture this St. Patrick’s Day. You know what is the best thing? You can order all of them at City of London Cigars.

          What makes a cigar suitable for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations?

          Answer: Cigars that are often associated with St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are those with Irish-themed packaging, green cigar bands, or those that pair well with traditional Irish beverages like whiskey or stout. Additionally, cigars with flavors reminiscent of Irish whiskey or with hints of spice and sweetness can complement the festive atmosphere.

          Are there any special edition cigars released specifically for St. Patrick’s Day?

          Answer: Yes, many cigar manufacturers release limited edition St. Patrick’s Day cigars each year. These cigars may feature unique blends, Irish-themed packaging, or special cigar bands to commemorate the occasion. Keep an eye out for announcements from your favorite cigar brands as the holiday approaches.

          Can you recommend a cigar pairing with traditional Irish beverages like Guinness or Irish whiskey for St. Patrick’s Day?

          Answer: For a classic St. Patrick’s Day pairing, consider a medium to full-bodied cigar with flavors that complement the richness of Irish whiskey or stout. Cigars with notes of cocoa, coffee, or caramel can enhance the flavors of these beverages. Alternatively, a cigar with hints of spice can provide a delightful contrast to the smoothness of Irish whiskey.

          How do I properly store cigars for St. Patrick’s Day festivities if I plan to purchase them in advance?

          Answer: To ensure your cigars remain fresh for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, store them in a humidor at the appropriate humidity level (around 65-70%). If you don’t have a humidor, consider purchasing a small travel humidor or storing them in an airtight container with a humidity pack to maintain optimal conditions until you’re ready to enjoy them.

          Are there any Irish-themed cigar events or promotions happening around St. Patrick’s Day that I should be aware of?

          Answer: Yes, many cigar lounges, online retailers, and manufacturers host special events or promotions for St. Patrick’s Day. These events may include cigar tastings, discounts on Irish-themed cigars, or themed parties. Keep an eye on social media, cigar forums, and local cigar shops for announcements about upcoming St. Patrick’s Day festivities in your area.

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