Romeo y Julieta No. 1

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A slender Corona that offers good value for its size. Cedar-wrapped in an aluminium tube you can take it almost anywhere without fear of damage or loss of condition.

General description of the Taste Notes:

Indulge in the decadent allure of this cigar, where luscious chocolate notes take centre stage, offering a rich and velvety character. The addition of nuts introduces a delightful creaminess, while a subtle spice adds complexity and warmth to the blend. All anchored by a woody undertone, this cigar promises a deliciously nuanced and satisfying taste journey. Please note that personal taste preferences may differ from those described here.

Strength: 3/5

Length: 5 ½ ”

Ring Gauge: 40 ”

Smoke time: 40 mins

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Single Stick, Pack of 3, Box of 10, Box of 25


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